It was lovely to see the gym so busy this morning for our Open Gym session. With it being half term, not only were we able to welcome our pre-schoolers and their guardians, but lots of older siblings and friends too. Children were able to explore the gym and the equipment at their leisure. The fast track and hanging from the bars proved to be popular activities, especially now we have a platform for the children to get themselves onto the top bar!  Half way through the session we had a visit from Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. They tried their hand at a few skills but were definitely shown up by the children! Many people went away with super photographs of their children with the two characters.  We look forward to welcoming other characters to our gym in the future. In the meantime, we will be running another open gym session on Friday 10 – 12 (no mascots are joining us for this one) £3 for the 1st child and £1 for any subsequent children.

Last week, many of our recreational children took part in our badge week. We follow the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Award Scheme. Children aged 3 and 4 get to work on their preschool badges 1 – 3 and then children aged 5 and older work on their badges starting at 8 and working up through the more challenging badges, finishing on badge 1. We had a couple of our older children complete badge 1 during this week for the first time. We are now looking into the next option for children aged 11 and upwards which is Advanced Proficiency Awards. Well done to all gymnasts who took part in our badge week! The next opportunity to be awarded your next badge will be in the week before half term in February.

Our squad gymnasts have had a very busy time recently. Many of our Artistic Squad took part in the South Central area Level 5 and 6 competitions. Many medals and ribbons were awarded and lots of ‘firsts’ for many too. Special mention to Brooke and Emily who competed in their very first four piece competition and both performed brilliantly. In this competition, gymnasts who place 5th or better overall, are then selected to represent the South Central Area at the Welsh Championships. We were over the moon to have Sophie qualify for the Level 6 age 10-11 and Brianna for the level 6 12+. Both performed beautifully at finals with Brianna helping her team to a bronze medal and Sophie placing 6th on vault, 4th on floor and being part of the gold medal winning team! Well done to both girls you have done the club proud!

Our Tumblers and TeamGym gymnasts continue to work hard. Our tumblers have the Welsh Championships in 3 weeks so are working on perfecting their tumbles. Watch this space for upcoming results from this competition. Our TeamGym gymnasts have the final competition of the Quatro TeamGym league on 3rd and 4th November. The highlight of this competition is definitely going to be our very first senior team competing! Jamie, Paul and Niamh are coming out of retirement to, apparently, show the others “how it SHOULD be done”! I think putting A&E on speed dial might be in order! Results will be posted after the competition.