Club Rules & Reference Documents

Fees & Membership – These must be paid each week to ensure a space is kept for your child. Insurance and membership of British Gymnastics becomes due on the 3rd session. and must be paid promptly as without it we cannot allow a child to participate. A registration form must be completed and you will also be given a welcome sheet. Please inform us if your contact details change in any way.

Viewing – We currently operate an open viewing policy so we allow parents to remain within the active area. As our equipment increases, then eventually parents will have to stay within the small waiting room. Please encourage your child to participate as much as possible although we understand that some are very shy to begin with. Parents are welcome to come and sit with their child during the session until they become more confident. We have a small area outside the kitchen where tea/coffee, cold drinks, cakes, sweets, crisps etc are available for a small charge. If you have left an older child, please ensure that you return on time to pick them up.

Photography & Filming – Please ensure you complete the section on the registration form regarding the taking of photos etc. Equally you must not take photos or film within the class environment without first seeking permission off the coaches.

Clothing – All participants must be dressed appropriately. T-shirt and shorts or leggings are fine. Club leotards for girls are now available costing £35 and £3 for a matching scrunchie and we are currently looking into club clothing for boys. Unisex club T-shirts are also available at a cost of £9.

Jewellery – Gymnasts must not wear any jewellery at all. If earrings can’t be taken out, then they must be covered with tape or a plaster (available on the front desk).

Hair – Must be tied up neatly. No hard hairbands or bobbles to be used as most classes involve rolling onto the head and these can hurt. We keep a box of soft bobbles and hair clips on the front desk if you have forgotten to bring your own.

Injuries – Please inform a coach if a child has injured themselves in some way – even if it’s just something like a small scrape on the knee as this may affect the type of activity they can do that day.

Lost property – This will be kept for a maximum of 1 month and if it’s not claimed, then it will be disposed of. Please ask at the reception desk if you are missing an item.

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